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AbCellera Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Berkeley Lights, Inc.

Jul 10, 2020

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 10, 2020 – AbCellera Biologics today announced that it has filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware against Berkeley Lights, Inc. for patent infringement of U.S. Patent Nos. 10,107,812; 10,274,494; 10,466,241; 10,578,618; 10,697,962; 10,087,408; 10,421,936; and 10,704,018.

By its complaint, AbCellera is seeking a declaration by the Court that the defendant directly infringes, induces infringement, and contributes to the infringement of AbCellera's patents.  The asserted patents cover AbCellera’s proprietary platforms directed, inter alia, to the use of microfluidics for single cell antibody discovery, cell clone culture and selection, and genomic sequencing, using nanoliter volume chambers.  AbCellera is asking the Court for a declaration that defendant direct and indirectly infringed AbCellera’s patents, and is further seeking damages along with a permanent injunction preventing the defendant from using AbCellera's patented inventions for internal discovery programs and from offering for sale or selling any instrument or device that practices AbCellera's patented inventions, in the United States.

AbCellera is the market leader in the use of high-throughput microfluidics for single cell assays in nanoliter volumes with patent filing priority dates back to 2010.  AbCellera recently used its pioneering technology to discover the first human monoclonal antibody to be tested in a human patient, worldwide, against COVID-19.

About AbCellera Biologics Inc.

AbCellera is a privately held biotech with a drug discovery platform that searches and analyzes natural immune systems to find antibodies that can be used to prevent and treat disease. AbCellera’s technology, which combines high-throughput microfluidics, hyper-scale data science, machine learning, bioinformatics, and genomics, identifies new first-in-class drugs and reduces the time it takes to bring treatments to the clinic. AbCellera's partners include leading biotechnology companies, global health organizations, and many of the top 10 biopharmaceutical companies. For more information, visit


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